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    Ruzzle solver - How to use

    Use the keyboard's keys 1 2 3 4 to set the bonus cell respectively to: DL TL DW TW
    Use the key 5 for reset the bonus
    Alternatively, you can use Space on your keyboard to switch the sequence values ??bonus: DL-TL-DW-TW
    Rollover on the words generated to graphically highlight the route to dial the diagram; remember that the green box is the first letter of the word and the red box is the final letter. Ruzzle solver find all the best words in ruzzle scheme.

    A quick look to ruzzle game

    In the family of word games Ruzzle is definitely the youngest member, especially compared to Scrabble and Angry Words. This game was developed by MAG Interactive, which is a Swedish game development company. Although its design and structure was originally based on the elements of pioneer among word games – Scrabble, this game is primarily focused for iOS and Android based devices. Ruzzle was officially launched on Apple Store in 2012.

    About The Ruzzle Game

    The development team responsible for the introduction of this genuine word game was based in Sweden. As expected, this game found its first fans in Sweden and countries such as Denmark, Norway and the Netherlands. Nevertheless, the 2013 can definitely be described as the golden year of global promotion for this game. In the first weeks of 2013 Ruzzle was one of the top downloaded games in the United States. As we speak this fascinating game counts over 10 million players including the presence in over 100 countries. Ruzzle is heavily dependent on online interactive environment and social networks. No wonder it is one of the most popular apps on Facebook.

    The game’s structure is based on the round system. Each game consists of three rounds. Consequently, the sum of the top scores for each of the rounds gives a winner of this game. The stages of the game are equal in time duration, but they differ in difficulty level. Players have two minutes per round to create as many words as they can in the 4 X 4 game fields. The similarity with Scrabble is that every letter brings the different number of points depending on the difficulty of words and its position among the 16 fields. On the other side, the possibility to use this game for other languages besides English makes it similar to Angry Words. Ruzzle is available in English and Swedish, including Dutch, Norwegian, Danish, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese. In addition, one more feature on the developer’s site is strongly contributing to the game’s popularity. Top ranking tables for top players which are available for all languages previously mentioned are extremely motivating for the people who are playing this game. It is more than obvious that this game favours multilanguage oriented and skilled players. According to the data from MAG Interactive website Ruzzle has achieved some of the quite remarkable goals, which include among others the following:

    • Number 1 word game on App Store in more than 50 countries
    • One of the top games on App Store in USA
    • Number 1 casual game on Google Play in more than 30 countries
    • More than 25 million players

    How To Beat Ruzzle

    The immense popularity of this highly addictive game eventually leads to the introduction of numerous websites specialized in tips and tricks for Ruzzle. On these sites all Ruzzle cheaters and solvers can find information they are looking for. We can say without an exaggeration that every Ruzzle finder has used at some point in time the additional help in developing his or her vocabulary including the right kind of indication for word formation. Just like in Scrabble and Angry Words there are certain fields clearly indicated which can double or even triple the points won in Ruzzle. Therefore, when a certain Ruzzle solver sees the DW indication on a certain field that means that word formatted which includes this letter doubles the points. In addition, the TW indicates the triple value according to the same pattern. The DL and TL features are particularly favoured among Ruzzle finders, because they bring double and triple literal values.

    Nowadays, the specialized sites with automatic functions for beating Ruzzle game are particularly popular among Ruzzle cheaters. By using the features of these sites it is possible to create the exact 4 X 4 field structure for the game you are currently playing. The only thing for you to do next is to use the Ruzzle’s solver function and you get as a result the most suitable word formation combinations, which guarantee obtaining the maximum number of points. In addition, you can even include the multiplying fields in your simulation of the actual game. When explaining the best possible ways to beat this fantastic game we should not forget to mention the good old-fashioned but highly reliable word lists. Every Ruzzle finder simply has to have a couple of word lists of high quality with the substantial number of words. By using these lists every player will be provided with the adequate number of combinations for the successful word formation. This game definitely tends to maintain its sovereign rule among word games apps for mobile devices and Facebook in this and years to come. No wonder, it is almost impossible to resist it.

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    How to play Ruzzle

    Ruzzle is a word game one Vs one, to the player is presented a scheme with sixteen boxes each containing a letter of the English alphabet; the aim of the game is to get as many points of the opponent composing high scoring words. To maximize your score you must keep in mind that each letter has a specific score, and remember that there are four modifiers score listed below:

    • bonus ruzzle DL, double the score for this letter: Duplicate the score of the letter [DL]
    • bonus ruzzle TL, triple the score for this letter: Triples the letter score of [TL]
    • bonus ruzzle DW, double the score for this word: Duplicate the score of the entire word formed with the [DW]
    • bonus ruzzle TW, triple the score for this word: Triples the score of the entire word formed with the [TW]

    Also remember that the game consists of three rounds in each of which you must score as many points composing the longest words possible, trying to use as much as possible bonus multipliers. Each round increases the number of possible bonuses, so even if you have lost the first two rounds, there is always a way to make up for the last where there is always a score multiplier "word for three" (TW).

    Ruzzle, the new social mania

    Ruzzle is a word game developed by software house MAG Interactive, despite being one of their first creation has already become a worldwide success, this is because the development team has been very clear from the outset the objectives to be achieved, namely: create an easy game to play and accessible to all. Ruzzle, infact, is perfectly integrated with Facebook. With a graphic look intriguing and able to distinguish himself from the mass of similar products, Ruzzle is currently played online by over 15 million people, is currently available in many languages ??including: English, Italian, German, French and Spanish.