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About The Angry Words Game

Angry Words is one more great words game based on the crossword system. We can say that it represents the modern version cousin of timeless classic – Scrabble Game. Angry Words game is also well-known under the name Apalabrados. This Spanish origin word is derived from the verb Apalabrar which means to agree to or to bespeak. Just like Scrabble this game is a great way to strengthen your vocabulary muscles and develop your linguistic skills.

Angry Words is the game developed by Etermax an Argentinian based studio. Although it is based on proven Scrabble’s structure, Angry Words is primarily designed for mobile devices and Facebook. This game has the options of playing with a virtual opponent including the opportunity to choose your appropriate level, which are highly admired by the game’s fans. In addition, the availability of the game in many languages besides English itself strongly contributes to its global popularity. Angry Words are available in Spanish, French, German, including Italian, Dutch, Swedish, Catalan, Portuguese, and Brazilian as well. The integration of this game with social network features is flawless. You are enabled to invite your Facebook friends or Twitter followers in quick and easy manner. It is worth mentioning that a free version is available including the opportunity to upgrade.

Players use the 15 x 15 letters board. They begin the game from the centre of it and expand with appropriate words outwards. All over the playing area the special game fields can be found with the main purpose of providing bonus points for players. It has to be emphasized that the bonus field structure is something that differs this game from similar word games including the Scrabble itself. This game includes the chat option, which is active during the game play enabling the players to communicate through message system. In addition, the notification system of this game is working perfectly, especially for the players who are using their mobile devices while being connected to their Facebook accounts. It is strongly appreciated to be able to continue with the game where you left it at some point in time. As we speak there are over one million of Angry Words fun finders on a monthly basis including hundreds of thousands regular users on a daily basis. This game has a strong orientation toward international markets and multilanguage players. Angry Words solvers can be found in over 100 countries all over the world.

How To Beat Angry Words

As soon as it appeared this game has gained immense popularity. On the other side, as expected it has attracted the equal numbers of genuine Angry Words solvers and Angry Words cheaters, as well. Just like for traditional Scrabble game the basic and the most important element for beating Angry Words is to use the properly structured word lists. The great thing is that you can find the substantial number of word lists for all languages this game includes in its features. This is more than welcomed and appreciated among Angry Words finders for multilingual options. On the other side, every true Angry Words cheater wants to know what is the best possible way to increase the value of points through one of the following bonus fields: DL – which doubles the value of the tile, TL – which triples the value of the tile, DW – which doubles the value of the word, TW – which triples the value of the word, including the highly desirable combination of TL plus DW which ensures the highest number of points.

It has to be emphasized that no matter how Angry Words cheater skilful may be or some Angry Words solver can use perfectly structured word lists the following is simply not allowed in this game: abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes which are standing alone, then words which require a hyphen or in some cases apostrophes, including the derogatory words as well. One more great thing for the people who do not have the patience or lack the knowledge of vocabulary is the possibility to use the variety of specialized sites. On these sites it is very simple to find the missing word by using some of the automatic functions for word creation. The combinations of words beginning or ending with certain letters are almost limitless for these features. If you are the Angry Words combinations persistent finder, you will be simply amazed by the numbers of dictionaries, tricks, tips, and cheats available for this game. As expected the offer of these features when it comes to the other languages besides English itself is more than appropriate. This enables the true fans of this game to enjoy in its features without limitations. You cannot be possible angry at this lovely game, while searching for the right words, can you?

Angry words solver

Cheating, how fun it is cheating! If you walked into fixed with the latest trend of social time, or angry words, this tool certainly can come in handy. What's more fun than that puzzles to your friends Angry Words cheating? Choose the letters you have available and let our algorithm reveal to you all the possible words that can be generated Italian order to score.

Angry words finder

In addition to scrabble, this tool has great potential: it has at its base a very complete dictionary of the English language, with which you can generate valid words from a given set of letters. Another use may be to valid generator anagrams or as a linguistic tool support for any game of skill present in journals and magazine.

Angry words cheater

Angry Words is a digital adaptation of the famous game Scrabble, quickly became a must among the cyber thanks all'ingrazione with facebook, through which you can show the world our successes, humiliating avversai and stay in touch through chat with all our challengers. Scrabble is the Italian version of the famous board game Scrabble published in Italy by Editrice Giochi. And 'common in electronic format in several variations, including our dear angry words, all more or less the same basic rules. The game is centered, in fact, the form valid words with the letters you have available each shift (8 or 7 depending on the version) by composing them on the game board (also vary in size depending on the version), possibly "incastrandole "with other words already on the board. In the U.S. and Canada is a registered trademark of Hasbro and the license for the rest of the world is owned by Mattel.