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      How to use WordOn solver

      Use the question mark ? for jolly. KEYBOARD SHORTCUT:
      arrows: use to move forward/backward between tiles.
      space: scrolls between the tile score bonus.
      1: set the bonus for the tile to WordOns (this will be one of the tile passed to our opponent).
      2: set the bouns for the tile to 2xL (double the tile score).
      3: set the bouns for the tile to 3xL (triple the tile score).
      4: reset the bonus to none.

      How WordOn HD works

      Each letter has a value and each position of the seven available letters to form the word can have a bonus. If you are unable to form a word using five letters our most all past adversary doubles the score of the word! Each correct word (and each game won) will be rewarded with coins that can be transformed into stars that can be spent to have advantages in the game against opponents; the most useful of these is the counter that says in real time if the word that is forming is valid and how many points worth. With this online generator will not need any help like that. This generator automatically calculates the words score higher and higher with the advantage with the letters available! WordOn is available in Italian, English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch and is available for both Apple iOS and for Android. The fastest way to play is still to link your Facebook account so you can directly challenge all your friends!

      Star-point and money in WordOn

      every time you play a word gains a number of points, with these points you can buy the stars you'll need to use the aid in the game. Alternatively you can purchase points by paying with real money, but with wordon cheater you will not be forced to pay to win!

      Bonus and multiplier in WordOn

      The following is a concise but practical guide on everything you need to know about commands and symbols that appear in the game WordOn

      Wordon Swap option
      If you can not make up any word you can use the help exchanges: two letters from your stack will be given to your opponent as WordOn tiles, you receive new letters and your turn will end
      Wordon pass option
      You can't swap letters when the pile is empty, meaning you will simply have to pass.
      Wordon peeks option
      This command allows you to choose between two aid: display the letters of the opponent and see the letters remaining available in the stack. Both cost a star
      Wordon hint option
      At the cost of a star you know the first letter of the word can best be generated. Knowing each additional letter costs further star
      Wordon pass tile
      The letters placed on these boxes will be passed to your opponent.
      Wordon bonus multiplier
      The score of this tiles will be doubled (2xL) or tripled (3xL). The 7th letter of the word give you a +10 bonus points!
      Wordon tiles from opponent
      Tiles from opponent
      The tiles from the opponent has the double of their score point, but if un don't use them they will substract its value from the total score of the word.

      Download WordOn HD and start playing right now!

      Wordon HD is available both on Play store (android) and app Store (iphone,ipad)

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